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Jan 09

Two Learning Technology jobs at City University

Updated 14/01 (deadline & interview date changes)

There are two Senior Educational Technologist vacancies at City University London. Application deadline is 20th 26th January. Interviews planned for 7th and 10th February.

They are worth a look and I can recommend them, despite the fact that one is due to my imminent departure! It’s an extremely competitive salary (£41-49k) but more importantly a lovely bunch of people to work with and an opportunity to help shape new working practices as a restructure is underway.

The posts are within the newly formed Educational Technology Team which is bringing together staff from 6 small teams (5 School teams and part of the old Learning Development Centre). This new central team has 20-staff and is one part of the (also new) Department for Learning Enhancement & Development (LEaD).

One post is to lead on developing the use of Multimedia in teaching & learning; the other is partly a liaison role and partly focused on developing the use of blended learning. Both posts involve the line management of other educational technologists.

Read the small print: I must add that it’s not all rosy at City at the moment. There have been voluntary redundancies in the last year, including educational technology staff. Morale isn’t great at the university as a whole but these posts are still worth your consideration. Learning Technology remains well-funded and as a say, lovely people, just challenging times.

Oct 29

Notifications & Tweetdeck

Follow-up answer for #citylis

At yesterday’s workshop @miss_tabetha was asking if there was a way to be notified of new tweets (hash)tagged with #citylis rather than having to search & check from time-to-time.

Live notifications

It is possible with some tools to be notified thru’ pop-ups/sounds in real-time. For example if you are using Tweetdeck desktop tool you can add a #citylis column and then turn-on notifications for that column so that you are alerted on the screen:


Email notifications

Twitter has built-in email notifications (see your Settings) but these don’t extend to hashtags and unfortunately I can’t find an alternative method for that (just lots of people looking for one). I had wondered if it might be possible using RSS &/or the excellent but Twitter’s removal of RSS support prevents this :-(

Feb 26

Anonymous said: Hi Matt, we just wanted to let you know we had discovered that our number was set to Isle of Man. We rolled out a real UK number last December. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. More information is available on our blog--which this site won't allow me to attach. But if you google: "Poll everywhere UK blog" the first result is a blog post with more information. Warm regards, Poll Everywhere

Thank you! Link to UK Local Number for anyone reading & I will publicise elsewhere.

Jan 07

Two Learning Technology Vacancies

We have two vacancies for Educational Technologists at City University London.

Educational Technologist (x2)

Both posts are based in Academic Schools within the university:

Full details, job description & online application:

Sep 27

Polleverywhere UK SMS Warning

Update (2013): Poll Everywhere have resolved this

Three customers beware when using PollEverywhere!

Polleverywhere is audience response tool. I’ve used it a few times & this year City are piloting a campus licence. Participants can respond to polls via the web, twitter or SMS. About PollEverywhere

My colleagues in the School of Social Sciences & Arts have just highlighted a hidden charge spotted by one of their lecturers.

Usually participants using SMS are charged one standard text which, in practice for most people means free (because of bundled texts on contracts) but as others still PAYG I’ve always been careful to highlight this when I’ve used the tool.

It turns out that the telephone number used by PollEverywhere is an Isle of Man mobile number (it begins 07624).  The Three mobile network treat the Isle of an as an International location, so anyone on Three responding to a Polleverywhere poll via SMS is charged for an international text 25/26p.

Polleverwhere are aware of this and are looking into changing the UK number… but I imagine this will be a significant undertaking and therefore a while coming…

Mar 14

My blog posts are like buses

.. nothing for ages (7-months) then three in 3-days :)

By freeing our journal from the ghetto of academic library subscriptions we will foster discussion and impact (on LSE Impact Blog)

BarCamps, DIY Moodle & Digital Pens (on still-being-built new team TED blog)

Open Access Journal & Academic Magazines (on my own Reluctant Technologist blog)

Mar 09

#M25ltg Notes

Brief Notes from 8/3/2012 #m25ltg at QMUL


#Muggl Notes

A few notes from 2nd London Moodle Users Group (#muggl)… although some may be from m25ltg… all a blur.

Nov 22

Programme for #m25ltg Meeting

Weds 23rd Nov is a an M25 Learning Technology Group meeting. Fully booked, 60 attending! Great line up: